About Us

2KINIS is the home of stylish swimwear that is both timeless and of the highest quality.


Our collections of bikinis has been crafted with a focus on combining style, comfort, and cultural influences to create a truly unique and fashionable swimwear option. Each collection has been designed to not only make you look good but also feel confident and comfortable while wearing it. The incorporation of cultural influences adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to our designs, making them stand out in the world of swimwear fashion.


Each of our collections only include 2 bikinis. The reason behind the limited selection in each bikini collections is due to a focus on quality over quantity. With the girls in mind, we also want you to be able to easily coordinate your beach look with your closest friend by selecting matching bikini sets that complement each other's style. The focus in our bikinis is combining style with comfort, this is why all bikinis are designed with both in mind.


Due to hygiene reasons, we run an Exchange only policy on full price items.

For your convenience and satisfaction, we offer hassle-free exchanges. We will accommodate to different size Top & Bottom in sets if added to notes and stocks last.


Please look to our Instagram or tiktok for styling tips.